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Through compassionate and technologically advanced care, WT Hinnant aims to always put our patients first, giving them the best care while on their way to recovery.  

WT Hinnant's pedorthotists truly care about their patients, always making their healthcare needs our top priority. Our company brings the same professionalism and care to foot orthotics that we have been known for in prosthetics for over 80 years. 


We work closely with physical therapy and physicians to ensure a total team understanding regarding plan of care. That team always includes the patient.

We aim to provide the Carolina's with quality orthotics to aid with care and recovery affecting many diagnoses. We work with many vendors, and take extra steps in coordination with your therapists and practitioners to make sure you get the device that is right for you. 

Each patient is unique and has different health needs, our practitioners are available to answer any questions about orthosis and the orthotic process.


All initial evaluations and adjustments to devices are free and we do except most insurances. Our billing staff can answer questions you may have about your individual insurance coverage. 

Orthotics Referral Checklist

In order to be sure that proper insurance protocol is being followed, the following steps will need to be completed in order to qualify for insurance submission. 



Patient Demographics


Include a copy of the patient’s

Face sheet and Insurance card

Order Note

Include Evaluate & Treat for

AFO, KAFO, LSO, TLSO, Toe Filler, etc

Off the Shelf or Custom


Include RT/LT/BL or N/A (LSO/TLSO)

Step 2: Documentation 

At your appointment it is important that your physician fills out all of the correct paperwork necessary for submission or the process may be delayed. 


  • Physician Certifying statement and Written Order Form (CERT)

  • Doctors notes that are correctly documenting 

  • Weakness or deformity of the foot and ankle

  • Require stabilization for medical reasons

  •  Have the potential to benefit functionally

  • A valid prescription

Step 3: Insurance Information

We will also need your insurance and any supplementary insurance information in order to set up a free evaluation. 

Once we receive all of the required documentation, we will begin the process of ordering and fabricating of the therapeutic shoes and inserts. 

If you have any questions about the process and would like to speak to our billing specialist call 704-375-2587 and we will direct your call. 

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